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One EskimO Visits Cincinnati & Louisville!

I’m so excited!   My–er, I mean Ellery & Ash’s favorite band, One eskimO is performing at 20th Century Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 4th in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (the show I’ll be attending), and in Louisville, Kentucky, at Zanzabar the next night on Nov 5th!   Their songs ‘Amazing’ and ‘Kandi’ are Ash’s theme songs and are oh so romantic!

In celebration and a shameless attempt to bribe the band, I’ve made a big ol’ batch of my now internationally famous Oatmeal Scotchies cookies.  Pictured below is my One eskimO care package in honor of their visit.  It includes a separate customized container of cookies for each member (actual sizes may vary from image shown, but will only get larger, I assure you), my “One EskimO Lyrics for the Good Natured but Clueless Companions” guide, and of course my iPod with One eskimO’s debut album playing as I shot this picture and while I baked, and baked, and baked…

One EskimO Care Package

Ann Mauren's One eskimO Care Package

So I’m hoping cookie greed will be enough to get me invited to meet the band at 20th Century Theatre.  There will be extra packages of cookies awarded to anyone who helps me in this regard…

If you’d like that handy Lyrics Guide  I put together click here.  I created this for my husband (my good natured companion who’s basically clueless about One eskimO) so that he’ll have some sense of what the songs are about while he’s there with me.  For those of you in Cinci, see you at the show!   Ellery, Sam and Trevor (and Ash, lurking somewhere in the shadows) hope to make the show at Zanzabar in Louisville!  

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