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26 – Even (0 Comments)

His rules soothed my conscience and my insecurities, and kept me honorable too, despite myself.

Ann Mauren Teams With Wonderkinz Co-Writer (0 Comments)

Ann Mauren is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached with the amazingly cute, surprizingly talented and exceptionally short writer Quinn Wells.

Extreme Makeover: In The Spotlight (0 Comments)

Hi there!  If you are reading this it means you are one of only a handful of trusted friends who will help me decide on a new look for the covers of the Mayne Attraction series. At this point there is only one sample for you to view (see below) and I’d like your thoughts [...]

Introduction to The Exceeders (0 Comments)

The Exceeders are a secret society whose members possess powers which exceed those of normal humans but do not fall squarely into the category of ‘super’.    Like their better known superhero counterparts, exceeders serve humanity from behind masks and secret identities.  However no one from their ranks has ever saved the day or the world…until [...]