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Thanks for checking out the excerpts link to “In The Smoke”, book two of the Mayne Attraction Series. ‘Smoke’ is currently under construction but please stay tuned!  Grayson Gregory will have his story together for you just as soon as possible.   If you would like to be notified when ‘In The Smoke’ is released, please sign up for ’Mayne [...]

In The Smoke - ‘In The Smoke’ Under Construction

What’s the Attraction?

Ellery Mayne has made a disturbing discovery.  After a foiled abduction attempt, she realizes that an entire security detail has been shadowing her every move, protecting her from danger she didn’t know she was in.  Working to uncover the secrets behind her mysterious guardians, she carefully conducts her own surveillance, testing the limits of professionals who think she is clueless about them. 

Ellery’s attachment to her protectors grows as it becomes clear their care for her goes beyond the promise of a paycheck.  Summoning all her courage, she declares her feelings for her favorite agent, Ash Ryan, who is blindsided with joy and a sweet romance unfolds.  But they must carefully hide their love because his team will lose its lucrative security contract if their mysterious employer learns of Ellery’s secret relationship with Ash.

When her first love, Grayson Gregory, abruptly returns seeking to rekindle a relationship that she thought was over forever, she suspects she’s discovered the source of her security team’s employment.  Deeply buried affections for Grayson resurface and battle with the love and loyalty she feels for Ash.   Probing for the answers she needs and conscious that her actions will impact so many, Ellery finds that her life is ‘In The Spotlight’ and that she is the ‘Mayne Attraction.’

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Perspective Passport: Instant Gratification for Fans of Ash

I’m excited to introduce a new and fun feature for visitors to use while perusing the Mayne Attraction website.  It’s called ‘Perspective Passport’ and it appears at the conclusion of selected chapters of ‘In The Spotlight’ providing readers with an instant link to Ash’s perspective of the scene they’ve just read.  Other characters, including Gray, [...]

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Tentative Tourist
December 23rd, 2012

Introducing a new short story in the Mayne Attraction series:  Tentative Tourist      * * * Told from the perspective of Grayson Gregory, it recounts his introduction to Ellery Mayne and provides further insight into his relationships with his father and his mentor, Dr. Samuel Mayne.  It’s also a chance to accompany Ellery and Grayson on a [...]

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