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One eskimO Show: All Sparkles!

One eskimO: Adam Falkner (drums), Kristian Leontiou (vocals), Pete Rinaldi (guitar) & Jamie Sefton (bass & horns)

One eskimO’s sparkling performance at Cincinnati’s 20th Century Theatre was worth the wait!  A mechanical problem with the tour bus had them scrambling to find transport from their show in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA) to the event in Cincinnati, some 450 miles and 8 hours of driving—when your vehicle is operational, that is.  They were rushing in the door at show time, but the promoters did an excellent job of informing the crowd of the circumstances, and being such good natured Cincinnatians, we all waited patiently while they moved in and got set up on stage in record time.

Scars on 45

The opening band, Scars on 45, out of Yorkshire, UK, had a great sound that evoked the essence of Coldplay and Snow Patrol with a dash of retro-sounding Fleetwood Mac-ishness mixed in from the voices of Danny and Aimee to make it interesting and unique.  I especially enjoyed hearing ‘Give Me Something’.  Their song ‘Burn The House Down’ is being featured on the TV show One Tree Hill later this month.  Scars On 45 has a great sound and I expect to hear lots more from and about them.

Hugo & Ann (Self portrait thanks to his conveniently long arm!)

Next on stage was Hugo, born in England, raised in Thailand and currently living in the New York City neighborhood that’s home to Hell’s Kitchen.  His music was lyrically provocative, tunefully hook-filled and a bit unconventional—but in a very entertaining and promising way.  Imagine a bluesy guitar riffed backdrop and a voice that’s a cross between Billy Idol, Robert Plant and something all its own.  The biggest crowd pleaser was ’99 Problems’ though ‘Bread and Butter’ was absolutely brilliant and my personal favorite.  I can’t wait to see his act again.  The songs were fantastic to my new ears hearing them for the first time; it will be an even bigger thrill to hear them live now that I know what to anticipate!  Hugo was an exciting and wonderful surprise.

One eskimO's Kristian Leontiou and Pete Rinaldi performing 'Kandi'

And finally, One eskimO took the stage at about 11:00.  It was way past my bed time but the excitement to see my new favorite band playing just feet away pepped me right up.  To my delight because it’s one of my favorites, they opened with ‘Hometime’, which sounded every bit as good live as it does coming through my iPod.  That was the case for everything they played, including the songs  Astronauts, Chocolate, Chosen One, Givin’ Up, Simple Day and UFO.  The audience thrilled to hear ‘Kandi’ and lead singer Kristian Leontiou’s delivery didn’t disappoint; I could feel the heartbreak from across the room!  I loved that song already, but seeing his emotions play out while he performed it added a new layer to my fascination with that track, sealing it securely in my ‘All Time Favorites Vault’.   

Jamie Sefton and Adam Falkner performing 'Amazing'. Jamie pictured playing the bass and horn simultaneously!

More emotion, but of a happier, joyful variety came in the performance of ‘Amazing’, the song I downloaded as an ‘Amazon Free Song of the Day’ this summer and which started my journey of intrigue with One eskimO in the first place.  Hearing it live was a bit sentimental for me since it was my first favorite One eskimO song, and once again, experiencing the live performance deepened my feelings for it.  They mixed in several new songs, my favorite being ‘Hurricanes’, which I think should get some serious radio play soon, along with a cover of Alanis Morissette’s  ‘Hand in my Pocket’, another personal favorite which was a fun surprise.  They returned for an encore to play two more new tracks and then switched off the mic around midnight.  A happy and satisfied crowd then shuffled out into the wet and very chilly night.

One eskimO Guitarist Pete Rinaldi with Ann Mauren and his package of 'Penguin Labeled' Oatmeal Scotchies

One eskimO Drummer Adam Falkner and Ann Mauren with his cookie care package

Afterwards I presented each musician with their custom labeled package of Oatmeal Scotchies and conveyed all the normal fan accolades, which they each accepted with gracious, genial and gentlemanly appeal.  I just hope none of them succumbs to a cookie overdose as a result!

Kristian Leontiou and Ann Mauren at 20th Century Theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Their US tour slingshots them next to Louisville, KY, then Cleveland, OH, and then on to points further north and east including Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Boston, MA, Northhampton, MA, and finally to Toronto, Ontario on November 13th

My recommendation:  don’t miss your opportunity to see them now if you can.  It will be much, much more crowded their next time around…

Click Here to watch the amazingly adorable video 'Kandi'


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