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Latest Review of ‘Spotlight’ is…Electrifying!

Numbers don’t lie.  Having gathered over seven hundred followers to date, ‘Electrifying Reviews’, the blog of Alex Bennett, is attracting an expanding audience.    With insightful and persuasive reviews of books from primarily the Young Adult genre, you’d never guess that this articulate, humorous and savvy blogger is just fourteen years old!  But crafting and sharing helpful reviews isn’t his only talent.  In his spare time he develops book covers for indie authors and maintains a second website devoted to his other pursuit, writing, where visitors can view updates on the progress of his multiple book projects.  Check out his cover design skills and story lines at  Alyxandru Bennett Blogspot .

This young man has a promising career on the horizon and is very much like the  force of nature referenced in his blog’s theme:  brilliant and shockingly talented!

I’m absolutely thrilled that Electrifying Reviews is featuring Alex’s comments about  ‘Mayne Attraction:  In The Spotlight’.  Also featured on the site is his interview with yours truly.   Click here to check it out.

Happy reading!

Ann Mauren


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