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Tentative Tourist

Introducing a new short story in the Mayne Attraction series:  Tentative Tourist

     * * *

Told from the perspective of Grayson Gregory, it recounts his introduction to Ellery Mayne and provides further insight into his relationships with his father and his mentor, Dr. Samuel Mayne.  It’s also a chance to accompany Ellery and Grayson on a brief but amusing adventure during their time together in Iceland.

Tentative Tourist is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for just 99 cents (USD).  It will be available on the iBookstore in January.

How To Get a FREE Copy:
Some members of the Mayne Attraction mailing list have already received a gift copy of Tentative Tourist because they posted reviews of both In The Spotlight and Barefoot Heroine, which qualified them for a freebie.

Join the Mayne Attraction mailing list to learn how you can get a free copy Tentative Tourist delivered to your Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPod or other e-reading device.  The registration form is at the top right corner of the home page of this website.

I hope you enjoy reading this new story from Grayson Gregory’s point of view.


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