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Perspective Passport: Instant Gratification for Fans of Ash

Perspective Passport

I’m excited to introduce a new and fun feature for visitors to use while perusing the Mayne Attraction website.  It’s called ‘Perspective Passport’ and it appears at the conclusion of selected chapters of ‘In The Spotlight’ providing readers with an instant link to Ash’s perspective of the scene they’ve just read.  Other characters, including Gray, Samantha, Trevor, Lidia and Monica will be added in the future, but for now I’ve included some of my favorite passages from the narration of Ash Ryan.

‘Passports’ can be accessed at the end of Chapter 3 ‘Recovery’, Chapter 9 ‘Goth’, Chapter 10 ‘Emperor’, Chapter 16 ‘Great Wolf’, Chapter 17 ‘Game Night’, and Chaper 24 ‘Invitation’.   Several passports contain never-before released previews from “In The Shadow” for your reading pleasure.  Oh, and just a word of caution:  some may be slightly ‘spoiler-ish’, but not too much so.  ;-)

If you enjoy this new feature or have any suggestions about whose perspectives you would particularly enjoy reading, please leave me a comment with your thoughts and ideas below.

Happy reading,