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"I haven't been this excited since the Twilight saga came out!”

00 – A Spotlight Reader’s Review

Here are a few of the comments coming back from readers of  ”In The Spotlight”. 
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“I LOVE this book! Ellery is a lovable character and her adventures just pull you in as you read on chapter to chapter. I haven’t been this excited since the Twilight saga came out. ” 
– Danni F., Killeen, TX, USA


“This was one amazing book.  There was always one surprise after the next.  I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good read.” — Branden D., Louisville, KY, USA


“Ellery is a fantastic character with wonderful intricacies and observations that make you want to know her, protect her, and read more.” — Alicia A., Cohoes, NY, USA 


“I LOVED this book!   [In the Spotlight] is like chocolate cheesecake with extra pieces of chocolate on top.  In simpler terms:  YUM!!!   I really enjoyed this book and think it’s worth a read.” – Khadija F., Philadelphia, PA, USA  – Black Fingernailed Reviews


“I couldn’t put this book down.  The ending was an absolute surprise!  I kept thinking I knew what choice Ellery was going to make and then something totally different happened.  That alone was worth the read!  ” — Marcie H., Lake Villa, Illinois, USA  –  Complete Shelfari Review