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Ann Mauren splits her time between multiple career paths—not multiple personalities as some have alleged.  As Marketing Coordinator for one of the nation’s largest foodservice distributors, she enjoys opportunities to access her inner copywriter and the challenge of creating tantalizing pitches for sometimes pitch-resistant items: “Fishing for a healthy alternative in seafood selections?  Your crew will love our new Gluten Free Fish Sticks!  Get some for your galley today!”  Gritty Spokes-Pirate chimes in with: ”‘Tis true.  That grub be as jolly as it sounds mates!  And avast! They be ovenable, not fried, me hearties–so Capt’n Cholesterol be sunk to the bottom of the sea!  Arrgh!”

As Director of Domestic Affairs for her family, she maintains its facilities and supply levels, runs the foodservice operation, ensures availability of ready to wear apparel, and provides tutoring, life coaching and personal hygiene assistance to the two shortest members of the team: an elementary school aged child and a toddler.

In her spare time Ann Mauren writes fiction for mostly her own amusement and occasionally that of one or two of her author friends—who swear they’re laughing with her…

To see what all the levity is about, check out her free short “Barefoot Heroine” and her slightly taller but equally free debut novel “Mayne Attraction: In The Spotlight.” And for goodness sake, please leave a quick review or comment somewhere for her.  You’ll feel so much better about yourself  if you do—and so will she!

Ann Mauren was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A., within earshot of Kings Island Amusement Park and its famous Miami Valley Railway–her favorite attraction there.  This is a good thing if you enjoy old fashioned steam engine whistles and thousands upon thousands of disoriented out-of-state drivers clogging up your main thoroughfares and McDonald’s drive thru.